Anne McKennon
Photo by Jeff Holland
Anne McKennon
  Flutist ~ Composer
Jacksonville, Florida

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Anne McKennon (b. 1969) is a freelance flutist and composer in Jacksonville, Florida.  She can be found playing anything from orchestral music to rock-n-roll and Irish jigs, tin whistle included.  As a performer and a composer, she has a special affinity for programmatic works that tell stories or paint pictures.  Of all the flute chamber works she has written, there are only two she has yet to perform herself: Rival and Flamingo!  Her favorite ensemble is a duet: "The clarity of two voices can bring both simplicity and intricate complexity.  It is a fascinatingly malleable medium."

Ms. McKennon's work has been featured by Jacksonville University (several), Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville (Emergence, Brian Boru's March), First Coast Pops Orchestra (We Wish You a Merry Christmas), the Tualatin Valley Symphony (Ollie the Alligator 2nd Ed.) and the Australian Flute Festival in 2017 (Fledgling).  She holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Jacksonville University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business from the University of South Florida.  Her teachers include Dr. Jian-Jun He (composition), Les Roettges (flute), and Mary Ellen Potter (flute).  She continues to perform with the Jacksonville University Orchestra as an alumni member. 

Short Bio
Anne McKennon creates music fueled by imagination, dark chocolate, and pulling weeds.  Having built her career backwards, there's more than one way to do most things.

Composer-in-Residence for the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville 2018-2019 season
Delius Composition Award - Jacksonville University 2016

Two Flutes Duo
Two Flutes is a 2022 collaboration between Anne McKennon and Sophia Parra.  We weave poetry and story into the music for an imaginative concert experience.  After all, music tells a story if you let it.  Visit the Two Flutes page and download our Flier.

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Tools of the Trade

Celtic Program 2014
 Online Teaching Studio: Flute ~ Tin Whistle
  ** Lessons are available online through Zoom **
Lessons can be weekly, short term, or as needed.  My goal is to help students become as independent as possible.  We will discuss practice techniques and available resources.  Duets are an important part of my process.  They teach steadiness and listening in a way solo practice never will.  I have a series of play along duet videos available on YouTube for that purpose that you can find on the Play Along page.  Each lesson program will be designed to suit the student's needs whether it is band music, audition preparation, or just for fun.  Adult learners are encouraged.  More information is on the Lessons page.

Educational Outreach Video Playlist
Collaboration with the Civic Orchestra of Jacksonville

The educational outreach videos are short, educational videos on a variety of musical topics designed to appeal to different audience segments.  The topics are divided into sections: Orchestra Basics, Composition, Play Along, and Lesson Plans.  Orchestra Basics is designed for a general audience with basic information for newcomers.  Composition is for budding composers and musicians that want to learn more about the design of a piece.  Play Along videos target current and future orchestra players.  Lesson Plans are aimed at music education in schools paired with a lesson plan, though any viewer is welcome to participate.  Download Lesson Plans for Listening Maps

"...As I wandered through the airport, I heard the sound of your flute.  I distinctly heard the sound of Wonderful World.  Then I thought to myself, 'it is a wonderful world.'  Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.  Without entertainers, like yourself, this world would be a boring place.  Also, it was very nice hearing something not in the Top 40."  -Tim T. 2/27/12

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